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Style Advice

Have you bought a headpiece but don’t like it?

Do you have a headpiece you have bought but its not quite right? Someone has kindly bought you a piece but it isn’t exactly what you wanted?  The good news is we can alter and add into existing pieces to make it right for you, we can add sparkle or pearls or even add in something sentimental to make it extra special.  The pictures below are before and after adding extra stones to a side piece that had been bought as a present for a bride and she was worried it was a little too small, so we added in Swarovski stones to the sides and banding.

image image image image image

Agatha headpiece

Introducing our new headpiece, Agatha, which has to be the most versatile headpiece ever.  Made from beautiful vintage style diamante pieces, one side is larger than the other and joined with a pretty rice freshwater pearl string with swarovski rondelles.  The ends are held in place with small combs so this can be placed anywhere on the hair, front, back or wrapped around a bun.  Now available in store and online very soon.

agatha agatha2 agatha3 agatha 1 agatha front D3S_0508 D3S_0509 D3S_0522

Headpiece make over


Do you already have a headpiece? Not too happy with it but can’t take it back? Bring it into rocks for frocks for a make over! We can add Swarovski stones and pearls to enhance your headpiece and make it into the perfect piece for you.

We added in Swarovski small and large navettes and round stones, with added detail along the banding.



Our design match service

I often get asked to match details on dresses and incorporate the design into headpieces and jewellery.  One recent request was to match the detail on a brides belt and incorporate it into a headband.  I took the main detail of a flower made from ribbon and diamanté and put it into our popular mona headband.

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