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How to choose your headpiece

Choosing your headpiece can sometimes be as stressful as choosing your dress  I have brides who come into the shop really worrying about it, is it too much? is it going to work with the dress? Can I wear a veil?

When you come in, we will make the process painless, easy and most of all fun.

I don't know how I'm having my hair

One of the biggest questions is, I don’t know what to do with my hair.  I work with a lot of wedding hairdressers and they all say the same thing to me, get your headpiece first and then take it to the trial.

Your headpiece is on every photograph, on your video, everyone sees it.  I think your headpiece, hair and make up is a major part of your wedding.  Most of all you, just love the piece you pick and everything else will fall into place.

At our studio, we can look at your dress, what type of hair you have and ask about your wedding and what type of headpiece that you had thought of.  A lot of brides say they have no idea to this question, which is great, we can start with a blank canvas and just work through the options.  We will show you different types of headpieces and show you how to wear them properly.  Most of our pieces have the same design in different options, so it could be a large side headpiece, small side piece, a tiara or a hairvine.  One you start trying them on and we show you how to put them in the hair correctly, you will see how easy it is to start to think of how your hair would go with it.

Of course some brides come in with a definite hairstyle in mind and we can advise what would work with it, make sure that it would stay insecurely and look great from all angles.

How to wear your headpiece

Our hairbands are shaped to fit your head and wrapped in your hair colour so that you don’t see the band.  We show you how to place the headpiece in, usually at a slight angle, this makes the headpiece sit better in your hair and also makes it much more comfortable to wear.  Your wedding day is a long day and you don’t want to be worrying about your headpiece, just have it put in properly and go and enjoy your day.  Hairvines are pinned into place or held with a ribbon and are really easy and comfortable to wear.  Tiaras generally sit in the same place every time, just in front of wherever the volume starts in your hair.

Same hairstyle - different headpieces

Now the tricky question - The Veil

The Veil! Brides do get in a stress about veils.  Headpieces and veils are a match made in bridal heaven.  So many girls think you can only have one or the other, absolutely not!  A veil in general sits somewhere on the back of your head, depending on your hairstyle and veil type.  If you want a low bun and your veil to sit under just make sure you pick a lightweight veil that will go with your dress.  A cathedral veil really has to sit on the crown of your head or just to the back, to allow for the weight and so that it doesn’t pull on your hair.

Your headpiece will usually sit more to the front so the two never meet.  You can also have a headpiece at the back of your head and have the veil go either over it completely so it is just seen through the veil, which is a lovely look, especially as you go up the aisle.  If you want something to go over the veil comb, the rule of thumb is, it has to be wider than the veil.

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