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Ordering a bespoke piece

Sewing a bespoke wedding headpiece

Ordering a bespoke headpiece or piece of jewellery is quite an easy process.  The best way to do it is to book a consultation with us at our studio but we can also design pieces by email or messenger.

Most bespoke orders are discussed with Gail who is the owner and designer at Rock For Frocks.  We sit down together and look at your dress, your hair style, your wedding style and venue.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a colour or size change on an existing piece or it can be a whole new design.

We usually start by trying pieces that we have in the shop to see which piece suits you best and which elements of the pieces that you prefer.  In most cases we can lay out the design with stones and crystals so you can see what it will look like.

Once the design is agreed, we will send you stage photos of it or you are very welcome to call in to see how it is going.  You can at these stages make changes to the design.

All of our bespoke orders will be given guide price at the consultation and to order a 50% deposit is needed.  The balance will be due when it is finished.

A bespoke piece from consultation to fitting

Its not unusual for a bride to bring her dress to a consultation, we can try pieces and colours against it and work together to get the perfect fit.  This bride was having a wedding in Ibiza and wanted a boho look to compliment her beautiful beaded dress.  We created a hand beaded full Cheryl style headpiece and a matching belt appliqué. This look did require a full fitting to get the headpiece to fit perfectly and we sewed on the appliqué to the belt.

Bespoke headpiece and jewellery from the brides family pearls

Our bride came into her consultation with broken family pearls and pearls that she had sourced in a vintage shop.  We worked together to create a double sided hand beaded headpiece and bracelets for herself and the bridesmaids using new pieces from our design combined with the old pearls.

Hand beaded dress straps

Our bride wanted some statement straps to add to her dress for the evening and really loved our Cheryl 10 headpiece so wanted the design based on it.  The straps were made to measure and the beading kept to the same design.  The seamstress who was doing her alterations on the dress fitted them for her.

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