I first met Emma when she was planning her wedding and wanted to have a bespoke headpiece that could be viewed from all sides and then have a belt piece made to co-ordinate with the headpiece and be fitted to her beautiful Rita Westenius dress.

I will leave it to Emma to describe the process which she does so well

“Once I had chosen my dress for the big day, the hunt for my head-dress began. I knew that I didn’t want a veil on the day but because of the beautiful simplicty of my dress (Hepburn by Ritva Westenius) I also knew that I could add plenty of sparkle to my outfit on the day with a fabulous headpiece. I was fortunate enough to have been given Gail’s contact details at Rocks for Frocks from my cousin @Lizziemakeup after they had worked together on a shoot.
Contact was made, and an appointment was set up to visit the Rocks for Frocks shop to start looking at options available to me for the big day. On entering her shop at the Wedding House, I was met with a barrage of all things sparkly and beautful…………….where to begin on choosing the one. Gail’s advice from the offset was to try, try, try. So I did, headpiece after headpiece and all so beautiful in their own right.
After showing Gail a picture of my dress she began to pick head pieces for me that she believed would suit the dress style. Me, being me – I liked bits from one head dress and bits from another. Gail’s repsonse to me liking bits from seperate head pieces………..no problem, we can select the bits you like and begin designing something bespoke. Amazing! That was just the kind of response I had been hoping for. Whilst Gail began writing up the invoice for my head piece my gaze wandered around all the goodies on display in her shop……………….and settled on the beautiful belts close to the entrance. How had I missed these when I came in?? Discussions began again and Gail’s inpsired design ideas meant that I was also able to have a beautiful bespoke belt to accompany my head piece.
As work progressed on the head piece and belt I was fortunate enough to have a couple of visits to the shop to view and try on Gail’s handy work. Every visit was the same, Gail’s nerves apparent as we entered, swiftly to be replaced by relief when I fell in love time and time again with what she had produced. Nothing was too much trouble and her only concern was that I was happy with everything she had done.
Happy doesn’t come close to how I felt when I picked up the finished goods – I was absolutely ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the big day to arrive so that I could show off the gorgeous head piece and belt. On the big day Gail’s creations shone brightly and really made me feel like a princess. For anybody wanting something a little bit extra special for their big day, a visit to see Gail’s fantastic shop is a must. There is everything a bride-to-be could want and combine that with the lovely Gail offering up fantastic customer service ensures a never to be forgotten experience. I will forever be grateful for you making such beautiful things to add extra sparkle on the big day xx”

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