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The new studio

By June 18, 2020Uncategorized

Lockdown and covid has brought huge changes for us all. The biggest change has been working from home instead of at the shop. I always enjoyed having the shop but it was a huge commitment in time and money. Having enforced time at home has made me realise how nice it was to work at my own pace, not to have to work strict hours and sit in traffic.

So after much consideration I have made a BIG decision to relocate to a studio in my house. I have a separate floor for the studio, away from the rest of the house with double doors onto the garden and can control full cleanliness and capacity to ensure everyone will stay safe.

Everything will stay the same, it’s just a relocation and shift in work/life balance. I will be opening the doors from June 17th and working by appointment only.

We really appreciate all of your continued support and are looking forward to the next chapter of Rocks for Frocks. Check back for more information to follow. 

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